DIY : The Chalkboard Wall – Jennifer OKeefe – Medium

When we moved in there was a doorway from the kitchen directly into the laundry room. They had hung some saloon doors, and they were cute but not all that functional. The doorway wasn’t needed either since there was one from the hallway as well. All the noise from the washer and dryer tunneled straight out into the common areas through that doorway. Also, we had Julie’s refrigerator with us from Arizona and wanted to put that in the laundry room along that wall. When you are feeding six people you need as much space as possible without it looking cluttered. We got to work trying to figure out a solution. My mom was the one who had the idea to block off the doorway with a chalkboard wall so that the space was still useful and functional without adding any kind of clutter to the room, so we got to work.

First thing we did was my father drilled a small hole in the wall close to the floor so that the cord from our refrigerator could plug into the outlet on the other side where the current fridge was plugged in as well. Then we got to work on the doorway and took the saloon doors down. I wish I could say I took pictures and show you all that part but I did not. We had not been living here long and I wasn’t in blogging mode yet, so I didn’t think of it until much later after we were finished. But I do have a picture of the doors after they were off the doorway below.

Julie then got to work and created a fantastic design for the actual chalkboard wall that would help us all keep organized while adding to the aesthetic of the house. After she had what she wanted she printed it out in the correct size, taped the sheets of paper together and got the stencil ready to go. While she was doing this she also found some thin panel board and painted it with the chalkboard paint we brought with us. She then used carbon paper to trace her design from the stencil to the painted board and paint pens to then paint it on to our finished product.

As she did all this we went ahead and put up furring strips along the inside of the door frame. We could also have used 1/4″ or 1/2″ flat molding as well but since we had the furring strips left over from another project we went that way. We then nailed a piece of plywood the size of the inside of the doorway to that to reinforce the chalkboard and give it somewhere to attach to. Below is a view from the back after it was all put together.

Once Julie had painted the entire stencil onto the board, we then attached it to the plywood with construction adhesive. We had purposely left about an inch between the two pieces of chalkboard where we put a piece of wood that stuck out a little further and was a little heavier. We attached the baskets for the chalk and chalk markers to that piece.

The furring strips, plywood and chalkboard paint were leftovers from other projects, but we did have to buy the rest. The small baskets which I found at Hobby Lobby on a day when they were 50% off came to $5, paint pens came from Walmart for $4,and we bought the panel board at Lowes for $10. Total project cost was $19 and you can’t beat that. We have started putting the board to use and it has been immensely helpful to make sure we all know what is going on etc. Below is what it looks like as of this morning. JoLynn drew a picture of she and I together on the bottom half.


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