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Keeping mirrors sparklingly clean seems like a hassle, but it’s not that difficult to keep those surfaces shining. Have you ever wiped your bathroom mirror down after a shower thinking the steam would help clean it? Yet, every time you do it, you discover a mirror filled with streaks upon your return. If you want a sparkly and shiny mirror, read on!

Here’s the best way to clean your mirrors:

1. Choosing your cleaning materials or products.

Even professional house cleaning teams use this cupboard essential. Vinegar is a cheap, effective and an all-around cleaning product. When it comes to getting gleaming mirrors, the key is a microfiber cloth and warm water. You might also want to keep some washing-up liquid, a sponge, and some shaving foam on hand.

2. Preparing to clean your mirror.

What you’ll need:

  • Cloth
  • Pail
  • Sponge
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Vinegar
  • Water

First, start wetting the surface of your mirror. Next, create a cleaning solution with white vinegar and water. Or you can use your glass cleaner, but this solution is cost-effective and safe. Now fold the microfiber cloth twice — a quarter of the full size — which allows you to use different sides of the cloth. You can also open it and use the inside of the cloth once the outside part is dirty.

3. Clean mirrors so they sparkle.

If your mirrors aren’t too dirty, it can be sorted in seconds with warm water, applied and rubbed dry in even, circular motions to avoid smears with a microfibre cloth.

But if there’s a little more grime involved, apply your cleaning solution and use a sponge to wipe over the surface. Then, polish away any remaining marks with a clean microfiber cloth.

Using your vinegar solution, spray down your mirror. Don’t over-spray! It’s better to spray on a light layer of mist. Because applying too much cleaner will cause it to drip and run downward, which produces a mess and more work for yourself.

Put your cloth on the top left corner of your mirror and push it to the top right edge. Then, head back to the left part of the mirror at a slightly descending angle. It’s a Z-motion. Repeat this motion until you have worked your way down to the bottom of the mirror.

Post Cleaning: Examine your mirror at a few various angles looking for any streaks, leftover grime, or residue. If there are remnants left, spray a small amount of your cleaning solution on each spot and wipe it clean — do this quickly!

With this cleaning method, you’ll never have to worry about having streaks or gunk on your mirrors ever again! If you can’t remove the streaks, calling the professionals is not a bad idea! Hire a professional house cleaning service to help you out!


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