DIY : The Advantages of Plyco’s Laser Plywood (Laserply) Range

Laser cutting as a hobby has taken off in a big way recently, with people of all ages and pre-existing technological skillsets jumping onboard. Whether you’ve been working with wood and machinery your entire adult life or are just someone with a lot of passion and creativity for making things, laser cutting has proven to be something everybody can enjoy.

Here at Plyco we know just how much variety exists in the laser cutting community and as a result, we’ve made our laser plywood (Laserply) range as extensive as possible, so there is a perfect option for you no matter the project you’re working on.

When it comes time to make a decision on what variety of Laserply to purchase things can get a little daunting for first-timers thanks to 8 different options being on display, so we wanted to take a look at each one and outline their advantages. This way finding the perfect material for your next project is sure to be a breeze!

European Poplar

Poplar is widely regarded as one of the top plywood products in the world thanks to its quality, strength, flexibility and lightweight while still maintaining an extremely minimal environmental impact. The rise of laser cutting has also resulted in a boost in the popularity of Poplar. This is because consistency, colour contrast and the very minimal cleaning required even at high power make it a perfect match for lasering. Our European Poplar has A/B grade front and a B grade back, meaning you’re guaranteed to have a stunning looking product.


Bamboo, in general, has become a dominant force in plywood thanks to its incredibly environmentally friendly characteristics. Bamboo is technically classified as a grass rather than a tree, largely because it regenerates itself after being harvested. Bamboo also grows at a rapid pace, with some bamboo able to grow 91cm in a single day. This means using bamboo actually helps overgrowth with the added benefit of it being an amazing Laserply material!

The fine, dense grain of our Bamboo Laserply makes it ideal for laser cutting, etching and engraving and the glue used is formaldehyde free, making it even more environmentally friendly.

We offer two types of variation with our Bamboo Laserply; natural and carbonised. The Natural option is lighter, while the Carbonised is darker and more heavily emphasises the grain detail of the bamboo.


Our Eucalypt Laserply is a homegrown product that it is made right here at Plyco in our Fairfield manufacturing plant. This product is created by combining carefully selected eucalypt veneers and formaldehyde free glue and we make sure that each sheet has an A grade face and a B grade back, ensuring a gorgeous looking product. The team here has worked hard to make sure our Eucalypt Laserply is perfectly suited for laser cutting.


Just like our Eucalypt Laserply, our Beech variety is also manufactured exclusively here at Plyco. This product is designed specifically to cater to those who need a top-notch product for 3D modelling or laser cutting applications.

This product is extremely popular with those who are making products such as business cards or elegant event invitations due to its consistently clean laser cutting results and exceptionally high-quality natural beech veneer faces (A grade front/B grade back).

Hoop Pine

Hoop Pine is your go-to option if you’re looking for something that will give you the highest quality finish available. The beautiful aesthetic of our Hoop Pine Laserply will always leave you with a stunning looking final product. We source our Hoop Pine from sustainable and renewable log plantations in South East Queensland and it is 100 percent FSC certified, meaning the product is sourced as environmentally responsible as possible according to the Forest Stewardship Council.

Fijian Cedar

Our Fijian Cedar Laserply brings both a unique colour and unique grain detail on both faces. It is extremely versatile and is perfect for a wide range of applications from plaques and signage to jewellery. Fijian Cedar will oftentimes be used as an alternative to bamboo thanks to its already mentioned finish as well as its strength. It is also manufactured in-house by Plyco.


Birch is the old reliable here at Plyco. It’s the name that everybody has heard of and while it might not be as flashy in some areas as other laser plywood options, you can never go wrong with it. The warm, light coloured appearance is what endears it to so many people and thanks to a perfect interior glue the product is a match made in heaven for laser cutting, etching and engraving.


Finally, we come to Radiata. This Laserply product is best suited for interior applications and has a light appearance with a B grade face and C grade back. Radiata Laserply is perfect for laser cutting applications such as cake toppers, key tags, jewellery and signage.

While each variety of our laser plywood shares the common characteristic of being perfect to laser cut, etch and engrave, they each have their own unique set of traits and attributes that make them perfect for different applications. With such a wide and comprehensive range our Laserply is sure to have you covered, so why not check out our online store and pick up some today? If you’re still sitting on the fence and unsure what Laserply product is best for you, get in contact with us and we can send you a FREE sample of ALL our Laserply products!


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