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Halloween is all about standing out! Well, standing out in the right way. It’s probably best not to stand out at a Halloween party as the only person who didn’t come with a costume. So what’s the alternative? Coming with an amazing costume! And what constitutes an amazing costume? One you made yourself of course!

But making your own costume isn’t always very straightforward. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 5 YouTubers that can really help get the creative juices flowing. They deserve all the followers they’ve got!

1. Glam and Gore

Mykie is a perfect guide for putting a creepy Halloween spin on just about every character you can imagine. She’ll show you how to make the perfect props and get the makeup just right. You could be a particularly realistic-looking zombie or Daenerys Targarian. You can also follow her current series of gory Disney Princesses for a really unique adult spin on the classics.

2. VintageorTacky

Cora is focused mostly on makeup, but we all know that makeup can go a long way toward making the a great costume. She’s got Disney tutorials and she’s even figured out how to get that sought-after metallic Iron Man look.

3. MangoSirene

Here’s a channel dedicated entirely to cosplay and all the amazing costumes that you might see on Halloween or at Comicon. In fact, Nina regularly vlogs from cosplay conventions. But her normal videos cover makeup, DIY and tips and advice for newcomers. And don’t get too uptight — Nina is always there to remind you that cosplay is meant to be loads of fun.

4. Alexa Poletti

You’ll have to dig a big more through Alexa’s channel to find true cosplay videos, but what’s there is fantastic. She’s especially good at picking, wearing and caring for wigs, so if your costume has one of those, this should be your fist stop.

5. Commander Holly

This is the place to be if this Halloween will be your first time making your own costume. Commander Holly is chalk full of tips for beginners, tutorials for common props and ideas for makeup and costumes. Wearing a good costume isn’t only for the nerds, and Holly does a great job of spreading the love to all kinds of other people.

There, now you have no excuse not to enjoy your Halloween. Whether you feel like being a Disney Princesses, a character from Mario Kart or a more traditional zombie with a creative twist, the content on these channels will definitely make you stand out at your Halloween party in the best of ways.


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