DIY : Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer Review and Guide to Upgrading

I have had Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer about a year and I really love this unit for it’s quiet operation. It shuts completely down when you let off the trigger which is another huge plus. It’s 2030 pressure is fine and dandy for cleaning off the house, power washing my driveway, the cars, or anything else that has build up that you can clean up using this unit.

When I bought this I also bought the 25′ pressure hose extender that gives me 45′ total and that proved to be a wise choice. it’s not as high of quality as the one included, but works fine and I have had no issues with it.

Consumer reports puts this unit down because it has a 0 degree tip, but I have actually used it for something that works well they may have not thought of. I get some weeds growing up from the cracks of my driveway and that tip works wonders to get it knocked out.

Changing tips very easily with the storage of the tips it has is very handy. The 2 chemical jugs are nice and can have 2 different cleaners in each and select which one you pull from. you do have to use soap tip for it to work of course. Now, the problems I have found on this unit — The 22mm fitting is proprietary and by that I mean although it’s outside size is standard 22mm, the inside is a thinner wall. I had ordered another trigger and wand online, and my hoses from this unit won’t fit the trigger I purchased.

I then had to use the longer wand I purchased on my trigger to get around this problem. The trigger wand that comes with this unit is way too short, it about killed my back bending over to power wash my driveway, and i’m only 5’10”. I don’t have an answer as to why these fittings are not standard, but 2 emails I sent to the company I ordered my wand and parts from both went unanswered.

Tips and wands are standard and won’t cause problems, but the 22mm fittings are the problem child here. I am also not fond of the water supply going in the front of the unit and the pressure hose coming out the back, it would be far better to have both on same side, and to me both on the front so when you tilt unit back to move it, you drag both lines around together.

I highly recommend this unit as it’s very decently powerful and works well and runs quiet, but I would buy the 25′ extention hose from them so you know it will fit, and get a longer wand somewhere else to lengthen it to a desired length.

It comes with an adapter that goes on the front to hook up your garden hose, I recommend leaving it on the unit full time so it’s ready to go when you need to hook up to it, and no worries about losing track of where it is. That adapter works well for me, but it’s build quality is questionable. I have yet to have any problems with it in the year I have had it.

Upgrading Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer:

The Hose

The SPX3000 brings a 1/4 X 20ft hose, which is just not long enough for auto detailing. This is why a lot of people find using a pressure washer cumbersome for detailing, as having to roll the pressure washer back and forth to reach the spots the hose can’t reach is annoying and makes a mess between the two hoses and extension cable you have connected. A 50ft hose eliminates having to move the pressure washer at all once it’s been setup, letting you conveniently leave it in your peripheral and out of the way.

Option 1) Scheiffer Co. 1/4 X 50ft hose — This hose is made out of PVC Plastic, which makes it very lightweight at 3.3 pounds, but not as durable or flexible as other material types. However, the hose has a good reputation and 180 days of warranty, overall making it very good for the price.

Option 2) SIMPSON Cleaning 5/16 X 50ft hose — This hose is made out of higher quality polyurethane, making it more durable and flexible than the Scheiffer Co.’s PVC Plastic hose, but heavier at 5.1 pounds. The warranty lasts for 90 days. Some people say they’ve noticed significant pressure drops using the wider 5/16 hose, rendering their pressure washer unuseable. I personally own this hose and have noticed A LITTLE bit of a pressure drop, but much more than enough for auto detailing.

The Gun

The stock gun on the SPX3000 is a wand-styled gun. A wand-styled gun is great for general pressure washer work like doing your driveway or getting to hard to reach places, but not so much for auto detailing. Having a shorter, pistol-styled gun can makesome things easier for you, like the roof of your car or using the pressure washer to clean out your brushes. Also, the stock gun does not come with a swivel. Having a swivel means you can rotate the gun without rotating the entire hose behind you, guarding off kinks in your hose during usage.

Option 1) MTM Hydro SGS-28 — A strict upgrade over the Sun Joe’s gun. The gun is almost 100% stainless steel internally, guaranteeing a long life. Also comes with a decent built-in swivel so you don’t have to worry about purchasing and adding in one. The trigger is an “Easy Hold” trigger, but from personal experience is the only issue I have with the gun, as it can fatigue the hand after some moderate usage.

Option 2) MTM Hydro SG-28 — The same thing as the SGS28, without the stainless steel internals and without the swivel. A good gun for the price, you just lose some of the luxuries mentioned above.

The Fittings

Here’s where the SPX3000 becomes a pain in the ass for a lot of people. Sun Joe uses an M22–15mm outlet connection, when pretty much everyone else and everything else uses an M22–14mm connection.

So all we need to do is purchase a M22–15mm to M22–14mm adapter and that problem is solved.

Now that we have a standard M22–14mm outlet connection. We can use this M22–14mm to 3/8′ Quick Connect Plug so we can easily connect and disconnect the hose once the quick connects are setup.

Both of the hoses listed above have two M22–14mm female ends, so we need two M22–14mm male ends to 3/8′ Quick Connect Couplers, one for each end of the hose. One end will connect to the now-adapted pressure washer, and the other to the gun.

Both of the guns listed above have a 3/8′ inlet and a 1/4′ outlet. So we need a 3/8′ Quick Connect Plug and a 1/4′ Quick Connect Coupler. The 3/8′ Plug will connect to the now adapted hose, and the 1/4′ Coupler will screw into the outlet end to allow you to attach foam cannons, spray tips (the Sun Joe ones will fit on this), and other accessories. Best Pressure Washer Under 100


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