DIY : Sun Hats – Zera Farm – Medium

I used to make cloth diapers. It all started when I had my first kid 12 years ago. As my youngest kid grew out of diapers, I realized that I didn’t have the passion to continue running a tiny business making diapers forever. I had a hard time finding a small sewing factory that would use recycled materials.

An organic cloth diaper that I designed and made, from fabric that I illustrated and had printed by Spoonflower.

My company was founded on the principles of handmade, small-scale, slow fashion, recycled / upcycled, and organic. I could not find a path for scaling my company that would allow me to stick to my principles and still be profitable!

Soap that I make, used for washing fine woolen items. It is infused with lavender essential oil to prevent moth damage. For sale here.

With the move away from sewing came a new focus: software development and graphic design.

But I can’t resist the itch for sewing, particularly practical items that we use in our home on a daily basis.

A bathing suit that I made for my daughter.

When we moved to the farm, I was needing a sunhat. I made myself a sunhat using this pattern. As a person with the ability to get a sunburn on an overcast day, I love being able to protect my face and neck quickly and easily. The natural fibers breathe and are easily washed. The brim can be rolled up for better visibility if the sun is not intense. The hat can be tossed in a bag. I use it when working outdoors on our farm, or at the beach, or just when I’m out running errands!

Huge brimmed hat!

I decided to start making and selling these hats (with approval from the pattern designer)! I have a few of the hats for sale on my site. I try to keep with my principles of recycling, upcycling, or using organic fibers. I hope to make a few more neutral hats (non-floral) in the next few weeks, as I’ve had some interest from folks who would like that. My first few customers love theirs!

I wonder what will be the next utilitarian item that makes its way into my shop?


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