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SideShare was born soon after my wife and I purchased our home just outside of Philadelphia, PA. We purchased a 1,200 square foot twin home, and it is perfect. I hope to live here and raise my future children here, but there’s a catch to making that a reality.

The homes I grew up in, we had more space than we knew what to do with for both storage and recreational use. Disclaimer, I’m a minimalist, and my favorite home of all the homes we stayed in, was a townhouse, and it had the least space of all our other homes. I love it because it’s less space to keep clean, less yard to take care of, etc.

The point I’m making here is my dream home that I currently live in, does not provide a lot of storage space, and that’s where SideShare comes in.

Photo by Max Lakutin on Unsplash

SideShare is a marketplace to rent out tools and enable the DIYers of the world to have easy and affordable access to tools, while enabling those with the storage space to profit off of it.

If you didn’t catch that, here’s SideShare’s slogan:

Storage space should be a perk, not a necessity.

Going back to where SideShare came from, I am a big DIYer, and I love to do things myself, whether it’s cooking, home improvement, etc. I thought to myself that, where I grew up, there were so many dusty garages, basements, and attics, stocked with tools that get used once or twice a year. Why would someone want something that they use once or twice a year to take up valuable storage space (just my thought)?

I know what you may be thinking, but Justin, that’s what the big hardware stores are for.

For my first project, I looked to rent tools from a big hardware store, and found that the prices made no sense. I would pay 70% of the total retail price, to have a tool for 4 hours, when I could just buy it for 30% more.

I began to do market research and see if there was a theory or logic behind the prices of the rental items at the big hardware stores, and there is not. I can show you my gigantic spreadsheet if you’d like. The only theory I came up with is that the big hardware stores today make the rental prices reasonable for items they’re willing to lend out, and make them unreasonable for those that they would not like to rent out as much.

Those two things: the lack of storage space for me, yet knowing many have dusty garages full of what I needed, and the almost monopolized industry of the big hardware stores rental industry, led to the creation of SideShare. Hoping to enable a supply and demand via a peer to peer marketplace, where the market decided prices of tools, instead of a board meeting.

It enables those like me, who don’t want a ton of space, to have access to the tools I need to complete projects at an affordable price. And it also enables those who have the space and the packed garages and basements, to profit on those items collecting dust most of the year, while not being used by them.

That is the origin story of SideShare, and I’m excited to begin this journey with all of you! Feel free to follow us on Instagram and twitter @sideshareinc.


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