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Should you outsource movers or move yourself?

You sold your house, and now it’s the correct to start organizing your move. In case you are trying to decide if you might hire professionals or do it yourself. Before you, you require all the facts before you commit to a plan. We did some homework and discovered all kinds of information about moving yourself that you need to consider. Here is what we found:

Renting a Truck

Renting a truck appears like a convenient course of action. We can see marketing saying “In-town movers from $19.95”, However, there are some details that you have to take into account. The truck is not going to $19.95. Every single rental business has some kind of fee. Just about all charge you by the kilometer and you’re going to end up paying more than you believed. Also, you will need to fill up the tank on one of these gas pigs when you’re done. Selecting a truck that’s too small requires multiple trips to move yourself. When you’re paying by the kilometer, it will turn into time-consuming and very costly. Another issue with truck rental companies is that you may not be their main priority. We have all read horror stories about reservations being moved, or even canceled outright. You could find yourself in a scramble. Finally, can you even drive the truck? They’re bigger and harder to drive.


Risks are realistic when you move. If moving isn’t your full-time job, there could be a possibility that something will go wrong, and you won’t recognize the cost until it’s too late. You increase the risks of damage, personal injury, and more. How much will it cost you if you get injured? Do you have insurance? How much if you accidentally damage property?


Most people move with themselves with the wrong equipment. Nobody tells you ahead of your move what equipment that you will need. Many people know about the boxes, the packing supplies and the rolls of tape. Consider if you what to use dollies, hand trucks, padding, moving blankets and straps.


When you move yourself, your stress very easily increases. The reason is , everything is left up to you. You must organize, pack, to load the truck, get from point to your new location and then unpack everything. This is on top of work, family, and the rest of your day to day life. Unfortunately, some people might start dwelling on the negatives. For example, “is this the correct way to move?”, “have I overlooked something?”. It is also known that changes in your routine can induce stress. The simple truth is that moving is one of the most disruptive processes of all.

Professional Movers

Professionals arrive with the right tools, like furniture dollies, hand trucks, straps, and moving pads. They have already been trained on appropriate lifting techniques so that they do not get hurt. They take care of the entire process for you. While handling all the details yourself might sound like a good plan at first, you need to seriously think about the stress of the situation, and whether it would be worth it to have professional help. Professional movers are there to make sure that your move goes as effortlessly as possible, and leave you the time and energy to be thrilled about your new home.

Morrison Moving

We want to do everything we can to make your moving experience stress-free. We are fully insured and off a variety of moving services that will fit your budget. We’ll complete your move safely, responsibly, on time and on budget.


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