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How to make a pair of cutoff shorts on a budget

By Allison Henkenius Contributor

If you’re anything like me, you have the hardest time finding the perfect pair of shorts. If you do find the perfect pair, they’re outrageously expensive and for a college student, spending more than $70 on shorts is hard to justify. I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this all my life, but I recently started making my own shorts from pants. The best part of it is they are still of good quality and can even be name brand, depending on what you buy.

I went to the thrift store, picked up a pair of men’s Levi’s pants in my size and cut them into shorts — and the outcome was glorious. They fit perfectly, have a high waist just like I wanted and they’re the exact length I wanted. I was at the mall recently and I came across a pair of Levi’s shorts at Urban Outfitters for $70! I paid $15 for the Levi’s I made myself. This is a secret everyone needs to know.

What you need is simple: the pre-owned boy pants, a pair of scissors and chalk. I try the pants on first and with chalk, draw a line where I want to make the cut. I always cut a little longer than the length I want them to be. Once you cut the shorts, use the scissors to rough up the ends a little and throw them in the wash. You now have perfect-fitting shorts that look just like the ones at Urban Outfitters.

What you’ll need:

Pants of your choice




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