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Save on Your gift wrapping! 🙂

Ishh! Took me more than a month to come back and throw post over here 😉 In the previous one, I mention few words about shopping during sale time and how to make gifts on a budget. We almost there, but today I would like to tell You how to save Your coins on gift wrapping.

Okay, You have Your gift ready, You spend tons of money (or not), gift wrapping its important as much as an actual item which You will give away for someone. Let’s be honest this can be expensive so that’s why You should have Your eagle eyes ready during Xmas sales. It’s not all about clothes, shoes etc it is about stocking up with bows, fancy boxes and gift bags as well. Recycling equal savings, I receive my Christmas gift in the bag which I bought last year for my flatmate bday 😀

I’m obsessed with a presentation of gifts so I’m putting a lot of effort in packing, wrapping, doing a perfect bow (kind of). Today I will share with banging deals which I got.

For a good start, I manage to buy this beautiful bottle bags in Waitrose for 10 pence each, so I save £8,40 that’s a lot! You can use them for many things not only for bottles of nice whiskey. Nice set of makeup brushes will be a sweet surprise.

In the last post, I had a small talk about wrapping paper. I found two which are suit my esthetics and I paid £1 for both 😉 In Dunelm or whatever You call this store I found on reduced shelve a box full of ribbons and bows for 25p! Funky colors, this iridescent one will be good for my Teen gift box. Oh, and by the till turn out that I need to pay 10p only! Ha! Bargain Queen! Put the crown on my melon head!

Moving on!

Waitrose also reduced this bottle crates (?) on sale, 79p each, I got two. My dearest friend Chris will celebrate the 30th birthday soon so I will use one of those to pack his gift. Stay tuned as I will have a post about gift and wrapping ideas coming.

I’m planning to repaint them with a white base and then with silver or gold paint. Not sure if any of You will remember an amazing deal which Tiger have couple weeks ago? They were selling almost everything for £1! I didn’t need anything but when I saw these two glittery boxes I just knew that one of them will be perfect for David’s gift! Oh and he donates box back to me, more savings 😛

As You see You don’t need to spend a lot on gift packaging if You have your eyes widely open. Its many cheap options which You can use for this action and ideas are endless.

Hopefully, You like it this post and I will catch with You in another one!

Kisses xxx


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