DIY : Rotate Your TV for Ultimate Laziness – Hackster Blog

Watching TV is a great way to relax, but if you want to be really lazy and watch while lying on your side, you have to put up with an angled screen relative to your face. Proactively lazy hacker “mikeasaurus” has come up with an innovative solution to this problem by attaching a remote-controlled motor to his TV mount in order to move it into the proper position.

Electronics for the build are fairly simple, consisting of a windshield wiper-style motor and key fob for control, along with a 12VDC power supply. Power from the motor is transferred to the screen via a series of gears cut out of plywood, which were designed using tools available at An adapter plate for the TV was also cut out of plywood, along with mounting hardware for the motor itself.

The project took about a weekend’s worth of work. With that done, mikeasaurus can really relax after a hard day of hacking, lying on his side without having to adjust his vision to accommodate the TV. In theory, the setup could even rotate the TV upside down, though this would be less-than-relaxing for most, and at some point you’d have to worry about the cables coming loose!


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