DIY : Room Transformation in an Easy Way – Thurman Whitmore – Medium

When it comes to transformation of a room, the first thing you may think about is the price of entire project. Simple painting wouldn’t do great when it comes to advanced renovation. You may think about bringing in the panels made of stones, bricks or wood. Nevertheless, these are the expensive ways to renovate your home’s interior. However, there is a way you can renovate your home’s interior without spending much of your time and money by going for the faux panels.

For the purchase of these panels, you will not have to go to the physical stores if you are not in a mood of shopping this way. You can simply order online, and the faux panels will be at your doorstep. The process is quite transparent. You can visit reputable online stores which sell faux panels. You will get the prices listed with every kind of the faux panels you will see on the product page. You can simply order online and make the payment. Then you will receive your panels at your doorstep. Some of the online stores also offer free samples which you will receive after 2 to 3 weeks.

Now, the faux stone panels are very easy to install. These are the DIY panels which are made to be lightweight and easy to apply. You will just need glue and some standards tools to apply the panels. Since these are the DIY panels, you will not have to call the labor for do the installation work for you. You can install these panels on the areas of your choice in a single afternoon. You can cut these panels according to the size requirements, and it is not going to require any kind of extensive cutting which is normally required for the stones and bricks when they are meant to be used for paneling.

Faux panels can be installed in any area of your home such as living room, bathroom, kitchen backsplash and/or area around the fireplace. Some of these areas may look quite harsh for the lightweight materials. Well, the good news is that faux panels are made using high quality polyurethane which has close-cell structure. It means that the material is compressed so much that it is in its harder and durable state. It doesn’t absorb moisture and it also doesn’t melts away that easily. So, your faux panels are going to say with you for many years to come.


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