DIY : Residential Carpet Cleaning without a Machine

Generally speaking, carpet cleaning should be done more often than other constituents of your home or office. This is because our shoes bring on a lot of dirt and all the dirt from us and our pets gets collected down there. You can get residential carpet cleaning done through dry carpet cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, and other professional carpet cleaning services. You can also get your residential carpet cleaning done yourself with machines and tools commercially available. All of these methods requires a lot of time and resources.

Given under is a way how you can get carpet cleaning done when you are short on resources.

First thing’s first

Not wearing shoes that you wear outside in your house is the absolute biggest prevention. You should also vacuum regularly! Make sure that you have a vacuum that has a beater bar, a bar that actually picks up dirt from the carpet.

You can clean a carpet manually as long as you don’t care getting sweaty and all dirty. You can even have a carpet cleaning party. Invite your friends over, that will be fun and productive, both.

Things you will need:

  • A bucket
  • A brush to scrub
  • Liquid detergent or whatever natural cleaning agent you have (vinegar, bi-carb soda, etc.)

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