DIY : Redditor Spares No Expense to Build the Ultimate Wired Security System Hidden Behind a Bookshelf…

Most of the inexpensive home security systems on the market today are wireless. They’re convenient, because you don’t have to worry about running wires. But, as soon as the power goes out or the wireless connection fails, you can kiss your security goodbye. Wired security systems are for more robust, and Redditor Timekillerjay has built one of the most expansive setups I’ve ever seen.

Normally, a high-end security system is pretty boring to look at — if you can see it at all. But, in Timekillerjay’s case, that’s only partially true, because he’s put the whole thing behind a beautiful, custom, hidden bookshelf door. When it’s closed, you’d have no idea there is anything behind the bookshelf. However, to be on the safe side he added a 600lb magnetic lock to the door, which is connected to a UPS that can provide power for at least 6 hours if the electricity goes out.

Also connected to a UPS is the security system itself, which is wired with gigabit Ethernet. The system features magnetic sensors for 5 doors and 11 windows, in addition to motion sensors, security cameras, and a Ring Elite video doorbell. Everything is PoE (Power over Ethernet) and tied to the second UPS, so all the sensors and cameras remain functional if the electricity goes out. There are even provisions for home automation, including switching lights and ceilings fans, making this system as comprehensive as it gets.


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