DIY : Red Prawn and Mango Curry and Marinated Grilled Steak

I’m so glad to be back at cooking!

It finally seems as though this is actually our home now, and I’m getting used to everything being in its new place.

This week, I was on deadline on Saturday, which is now our grocery shopping day. So Jeff went to the store instead, and he bought steaks. I’m still learning to like steak, but I figured that the best steaks would be from a book titled “MEAT.”

I was not disappointed. Also, this recipe came with a poached pear salad that was delicious.

In addition to being happy about eating in our new home, I’ve also been really glad to eat in some deeply comfortable and familiar spots, like my friend Gustavo’s roof deck.

Gustavo and his fiancee, Abby, hosted my first back-in-Boston dinner party! Which is fitting, because the same roof deck was the site of my going-away party when we moved to London.

I was so excited to see everyone, it was the motivation I needed to get back into cooking, finally.

I made a big, easy curry to feed the five diners , courtesy of Nigella. It was incredibly easy, and it tasted great, but it could have used an extra kick. It needed some sriracha.


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