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Too good to eat!

Just in time for (dutch) mother’s day, but also perfect for an impromtu gift: these chocolate bar wrappers. I love making chocolate bars for my family and friends as gifts, so I thought: why not throw in some free wrapper designs? Trust me: your mom will thank you :).

You will need

– A chocolate bar. You can make your own using this, this, and these recipes or buy one at the store :).

– Tin/gold foil, in case you are making your own chocolate.

– Tape, preferably double sided

– Scissors

– The printables I created!

Download the printables!

How to use them

Ok, let’s do this!

This is how to use the printables.

1. Download the wrapper designs and print them to any size of paper that fits your chocolate bar. The small wrappers can be printed out on A4 to fit perfectly. I recommend going with slightly thicker paper because that will look prettier than regular printer paper.

2. Cut out the wrapper designs. If you made your own chocolate you can wrap it in tin/gold foil for better preservation and that real candy bar look. Next, fold the designs around the candy you made or bought.

3. Keep the paper in place with some tape. All set!

It’s a wrap (ha!)

I don’t know about you, but I think these are perfect to use for gifting, mothers day, or party favors. They were so fun to design + I hope making this gift will be fun for you to do! Keep in mind that these designs are for personal use only. If you’re going to use them, don’t forget to snap a pic and tag me in it — i’d love to see your creative chocolates! xxx, Anna Lena

Download the printables!

Let’s make the world a little tastier.

As a designer and illustrator, making printables and concepts just like this is totally my thing. Wouldn’t it be fun to work on projects like this together, and come up with illustrated goods for your business or event? Feel free to send me a message with any ideas you may have. Want to read more about me and my services? I have a page dedicated to just that. Check it out!

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