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A large number of car owners, classic car collectors and auto body shops are increasingly looking to salvage cars to acquire spare parts. This is one of the best ways to find rare parts from cars that are no longer being manufactured, in an affordable way.

Not only can a salvage car save you money on repairs, their individual parts can last a long time. Here is how you can get the best deal from a salvage car if you want to get parts for your own car.

Do Your Research First

The first thing you need to make sure of is to take down details like the make, model, year of your car, what parts needs to be replaced and how many parts it needs.

Some other factors you need to take into account are the age of the parts and whether it was damaged during an accident. You may have to look at several cars before you find the one that fits your requirements. The best way to do that is to view online auto auctions inventory, which have tens of thousands of cars.

Parts You Can Recover From Salvage Cars

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Read on to find out what spare parts you can salvage by bidding on salvage cars online:

Air Bags

Airbags are one of the most important safety features in a car. These days, modern cars have airbags on the side and the knees as well. These airbags are deployed when the car’s sensors detect a collision and they can save lives in the worst of accidents.
Look to buy a salvage car which has undeployed airbags. You can usually find those in vehicles which suffer from flood or fire damage rather than collisions. You can retrieve them and they can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars that can come from buying and installing them separately.

Wheel Rims

Wheels rims are designed and reinforced so that they can withstand a huge amount of pressure, while supporting a car that weighs several tons. As such, they more often than not remain intact even during the nastiest of crashes. They are also quite pricey, so if you ever want to get a nice pair of wheel rims for your car, a salvage car is your best bet.


Fenders or mudguards play the important role of protecting the wheel wells of the car. If your car is an older model, finding the right type of wheel well can be difficult. If you have a new model, however, buying a wheel well will set your finances back by quite a lot. Salvage cars offer the alternative to many car owners to lay their hands on some great fenders and save money at the same time.


Car doors are one of the most badly damaged parts of a car during collisions. Even a minor accident can — and often does — result in a damaged door. Hence, car doors are one of the most in-demand parts for rebuilds and replacements. If you need a matching door to attach to your car, you can go to an online car auction that deals in salvage cars and get one for yourself. You’ll not only get your required doors but also many other parts that you may need in the future.

Used Tires

A tire’s life is extremely rough and tough. They endure some of the harshest road conditions and even deadly car accidents. When a car goes to a salvage yard, some its tires are still intact. Some of these tires have only run a few thousand miles. If your car’s tires have been punctured without any hope for repairs, you can always salvage tires from a salvage car at an auto auction. It is better than spending a couple hundred dollars on getting new tires.

Mirrors/ Windshield

Mirrors, especially side view mirrors, and the windshield are often the first casualty of a collision. Rather than buying new ones, you can go to a salvage car dealership and get a car with intact rear view, and side view mirrors and windshield, along with their switches, power window motor and other hardware.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are not very expensive but if you have already bought a salvage car, chances are they will be still intact. Another reason you can look to salvage cars for windshield wipers is that your car may be a decades-old model, whose parts are no longer available in the market. If that’s the case, getting wipers from a salvage car is your best option.

Exhaust System

The metal body and the vital functions of an exhaust system make it very valuable. The average cost of a new exhaust system with a catalytic converter can be over $1,000. So, if you have a salvage car, you can remove this important component and use it in your car.


It can cost you thousands of dollars to replace your car’s transmission, plus additional cost to hire a professional for installation. However, you can reduce this expense exponentially by pulling out a transmission from a salvage car.

A salvage car is one of the best investments if your own car has a lot of systems and components that are in need of repair and replacement. By buying a single salvage car, you can recover several of its critical parts, the buying and installation of which can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.


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