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Raise your hand if you are tired of over-the-counter Halloween costumes. Whether you order it online or buy it from a costume store, odds are you will not be the only Wonder Woman at a party.

Why not try a unique,DIY, smart, and trendy Halloween costume this year?

What Happened?

As most of you know, at a Sotheby’s auction Banksy the mysterious street artists painted work self-destructed right after being purchased for $1.4 million. Banksy had built a shredder into the frame years ago which was waiting there to get activated for this auction.

This story is super badass and the fact that our kids history of art books will be talking about this moment excited me big time so as an art graduate and a Banksy fan I decided to turn this Banksy story into a last minute DIY halloween costume!

HOW-TO in 2 Easy Steps:

Here is how you can turn a white shirt into a shredded Banksy art halloween costume.

All you need is:

  1. White Shirt
  2. Banksy Balloon Girl Painting (Print on a shirt or paint it yourself)
  3. Ruler & Scissors

Step 1:

Transfer Banksy painting onto the shirt:

In my case, this was a last minute Halloween costume, I had literally 8 hours to the party thats why I had no choice of printing the artwork onto the shirt. Thats why I chose to paint it myself, challenge accepted!

• I used black and red fabric paint and 2 small size brush.

• I printed the artwork on a tabloid size paper

• I first followed the outlines of the original painting and copied it to the white shirt with a pencil.

• And than carefully followed the painting to fill the outlines with paint.

Step 2:

Give your shirt a shredded look:

• Now its time to cut fringes to give that ‘shredded paper’ look.

• To be able to do that same / similar distance lines are important. In my case I was in rush so some lines ended up bit thicker than others but if you do have more time, you are lucky! 🙂

• Mark a point X inches away from the bottom edge of your shirt. It all depends where you want to start cutting from.

• Once you established that distance make a subtle line between the edge and the point.

• Once you are done with your 1st vertical line now time to establish a distance between your vertical lines. This distance will determine the ‘thickness of your fringes’

• Flip your ruler, measure horizontally and put another pencil mark Y inches away from your first mark.

• Than flip your ruler to vertical positioning and measure X inches you

Once you are done with your vertical line measure a certain distance between that line and the next line and repeat this pattern until you are done with all.

Finally pair your shirt with black tights, boots, bandana, gloves to complete the Banksy street vibe.

Happy Halloween everyone! Stay creative and happy.


Creative Director & Digital Designer

Ozge Oz


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