DIY : Painting a Room With Paint Sprayer Machine – Ailsa Caroline – Medium

Here are the crucial steps of painting your room with a paint sprayer device. Follow these steps and get the pristine paint finish.

Repair damaged surfaces:

Don’t dare to apply paint on damaged or crappy surfaces as it will not make the condition of the walls better but even worse. For fresh application of paint, first you need to prepare the walls by sanding. Remove the old flakes by scarping the walls with a scrubber so that the peeling paint fall completely and you may get a fine and uniform layer of new paint application. You can also use the primer that seals the surface and allows smooth application of high glossy paints. If you found any cracks or bumps in the wall or ceiling, you need to fill the gaps. Apply the patches to level the surface and then apply color to conceal it. Painters tape can also be used for little fixtures, but if you find any significant problems, you may hire professionals to fix the issues before you begin to paint. Thus, repairing the damage surfaces is important to ensure that the fresh paint last long.

Prepare The Room:

Before painting, put all the furniture in the center and cover with plastic sheets. It’s much better to make your room empty so you can paint the area freely without worrying about the other objects. But, if the furniture is too heavy to lift or there are some other fixed objects which cannot be moved, then you can choose the first option. Don’t forget to cover the floor with drop cloths as paint will drip from walls and ceilings even if you are professional.

Set Up The Paint Sprayer:

You might know that all the models of paint sprayer device have different set up and come with instructional manual that includes all the information about their structure. Paint sprayers come along with multiple paint sprayer parts that contain different types of tubes and cans. Therefore, it’s very important to understand which tube should be placed in which can. For example, siphon tubes are the substantial tubes that come with screened-end. The screened-end of the tube is situated at the bottom while another end is put into the paint canister. The drain tube is placed into the waste bucket so that all the waste material is discharge into the waste bucket via tube. Once you placed all these tubes correctly, it’s time to plug in the paint sprayer device to turn it on.

Wear proper clothing for maximum protection:

It’s time for you to dress for this paint spraying task. It’s crucial to wear maximum protection because human skin is sensitive to bear the toxic substances involved in the manufacturing of paint and other lacquers. Make sure to wear plastic dress and safety gloves. Don’t forget to wear glasses and hat as paint will drip when applied to the ceiling.

Start Painting:

Always keep the spray gun nozzle at the distance ranging from 12” to 24” to get the perfect paint application. Divide the surface into sections and start spraying the one by one. It’s much important to keep spray gun parallel to the wall. If you are using Titan spray gun, then put the titan spray gun parts in their right places.


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