DIY : PADDLES – Mason Patrick – Medium


So luckily, where I go to school, we have a store dedicated to paddles and Greek items, but you may not be so luckily.

Your first priority is to get the paddle. You can find them online easily. You just want a plain blank wooden paddle. Don’t get fancy.

Now, the size is really custom to your chapter. Most chapters have their own distinct size, but your big bro isn’t gonna be picky!


So, most girls just paint their paddles, but the key to a perfect fraternity paddle is a nice mix between paint and stick-on’s.

You can find stick-on’s at practically any craft store or online. I recommend getting a stick-on crest for your fraternity and any other fun things to personalize your paddle a little more.


Once you’ve gotten your stick-on’s and your paddle, you can start putting it all together. Now, unlike banners, you don’t have to do a ton of planning in advance, in regards to the design.

I usually apply the stick-on’s first on one side of the paddle, then paint on the other side. This allows for a more clean mono-chromatic look with a more colorful design on the back.


So, once you’ve finished your stick-on’s and design set, you can start painting. Now, this is really up to you and your skill level. On my first paddle, I just painted our fraternity’s flag.

Your paddle is complete! You’re a real man! Now, you have to show it off. Post it on Snapchat. Post it on Twitter. Hey, you can even share this blog if you wanna give some credit to your teacher! Be sure to follow @DIYFRATGEAR on Instagram!


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