DIY : OfferUp transformations to inspire the DIYer in you

Longer days, better weather, and a higher frequency of ice cream trucks in your hood means that summertime is finally here! In between the vacations, barbecues, and other events you’ll have going on over the next couple of months, there’s always time for a fun project. To get the wheels turning and inspire your next transformation, we pulled together some of our favorite before ‘n afters. Check out how our OfferUp users transformed their #offerupfinds from dull to delightful.

A Desk of Dreams

There are two things you’ll want to look for when picking up a new desk on OfferUp. The first is that you want something that’s solid wood, especially if you’re thinking long-term and especially if you’re looking for a project piece. Particle board, while more budget-friendly, isn’t as likely to survive a move and it’s not something you can sand down and restain or change much. The second thing is you want to have a vision before you fork over the cash. There are few things worse in the DIY world than having a desk in the corner of your living room and no idea what to do with it! That brings us to…


“I found this little gem on OfferUp. I saw it as a small desk with huge potential. I have always been fond of the old library card catalogs and thought the desk provided the opportunity for a taste of that.” (Source: Christopher Giles)


From brown and sad, to green and a librarian’s dream, this desk transformation could not have been more successful. All it took was some thinking outside the box (and creating mini-boxes for drawers). You go, Christopher Giles!

The Two Different Ways Mirror

It may sound like brown is the biggest no-no in the wide world of furniture, but that’s only because brown is just the starting point — don’t let it blind you from seeing an item’s potential (especially when the item is only $20 and solid wood). At the very least, you won’t need to sand away a previously botched paint job.


“I found two mirrors on the OfferUp app for $20 for the pair. Both are 4ft tall and solid wood. Decided to give them an update with a vintage feel.” (Source: Kasee)


Shabby chic, don’t you think? Now that you have twins, you can finally have that 360 degree view. Your decor and your outfits will thank you.

A Chair with Flair

Fabric is one of the biggest drawbacks when deciding whether or not to purchase a secondhand item. After all, the wrong fabric can age an item beyond its years. Unlike the style or the shape however, fabric can be changed by hiring the right person, or with simple fixes like fabric paint or new fabric from your local craft store and a staple gun. If you don’t believe us, we have the perfect transformation to sway your opinion…


“From farmhouse to full glam, this was a fun transformation.” (Source: Regency by Design)


From a dining set only a grandmother would love, to one your friends and family will fight over when you’re gone, this refurb takes southern country style to new levels. While this set may have already sold, we hope it inspires you to look at your chairs with a sense of new possibilities.

The Be More Vain Vanity

Being adaptable is one of our core principles here at OfferUp, and it seems like it’s an equally useful skill when browsing through the inventory posted to the app. This user was on the hunt for a buffet and had no luck in her area finding the perfect fit. Since this goonie didn’t say die, she was able to take an unfinished bathroom vanity and turn it into the staple her dining room was lacking.


“Offer up is my go-to for good deals. It’s similar to Craig’s List, but you use an app on your phone to browse. The ap is photo-based so you can peruse very quickly. I searched for about a week for a buffet, but I couldn’t find one to fit. One day while scouring other folks’ leftovers, I scrolled past a never-used bathroom sink vanity that didn’t have a countertop. It was only $50 AND the seller was offering free delivery. Score!” (Source: My Design Rules)


From abandoned and without a head, to now clean, and a host’s dream. You know what they say: if you can’t beat ’em, make your own buffet and make ’em wish they thought of it first.

The You Woodn’t Believe it Dresser

Dressers are hosts to some of our favorite before and afters. Sky’s the limit when it comes to dressers: you can turn them into benches or changing tables, or sand and paint to match almost any decor style out there. It’s impossible to look at a before picture without the immediate anticipation of what is bound to be an impressive after. That being said, take a look at this dresser that experienced a beautiful return to its roots:


“You have to see this transformation…” (Source: Kiandkofurniture)


“✨ Sold ✨ My first all wood restoration and glossy polyurethane seal! Definitely more work but very rewarding!” (Source: Kiandkofurniture)

What we love most about this transformation is you can tell the craftsmanship that went into it. It’s simple, classic, and stunning (and it sells!).

Dwayne, The Rocker, Johnson

Rattan furniture is growing in popularity because it can wear so many hats: indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, playroom pieces that your kids can build forts with, and so on. It’s also a great starter piece if you’re looking for an intro into the world of DIY. And if you don’t believe us, here’s the perfect success story just to sway you.


“#beforeandafter #rattan swivel rocker & #reupholstered cushion. Amazing what a can of spray paint and new fabric can do 😍” (Source: thethriftshopqueen)


What was once dark and dated is now friendly and inviting. We call that a win in our book!

If you’re working on any exciting projects, keep us in the know by tagging @offerup on Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you create!


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