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A wise man will make tools of what comes to hand.

I am Daniel Doss working as a Graphic Designer at Report Bee. I have this habit of wishing people on their birthdays even if that person is not a close friend. When my friends wish me on my birthday, I feel really happy and energized. I will be very happy and satisfied

If my wishes could bring in such a kind of happiness to someone else’s life. That is why I wish even strange people on their birthday. Especially I gift these unique gifts to my close friends to make them happy.

I have always been very eager towards art and craft. I mostly use the materials that I have to do my craft works. The unique gifts that I give to my close ones are these craft works. I believe that me spending my time and effort to give these gifts have more value than spending money and buying gifts. This is how my journey started.


There is this monthly activity at Report Bee called “Naan Creative”. This meet is for people to teach, learn and share all these extracurricular and craft skills. This actually created more interest in me and I learned to do a lot of different craft works.

I have taken charge of the Naan Creative meet three times so far.I have taught these following three topics to my colleagues in Report Bee.

  • Waste Material craft work
  • Matchstick craft work
  • Waste book gift box.

When I gift these unique handmade gifts to people, they will mostly be taken aback and feel very happy. That is why I continue to follow this always. I feel that the most precious gift a person can give to another is their precious time and I am happy that I’m giving that.

As an ending note, I want to say this.

There is nothing as waste in this world. Even the Joker card plays an important role in Rummy.

It all depends on the way you see it. Below is a video link where I teach how to do a gift box from a waste book.

Kindly watch and leave your comments.


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