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A few months ago I “discovered” for example that I could paint my birdhouses with different paint that creates a special effect. One effect is through the use of Milk Paint, and I had never heard of this before ( yeah I know !! ) .

I bought Milk Paint from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company, in an art shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just to “test”, and I was very happy with the results. I noticed two things that caught my attention on my birdhouses:

  • Rustic Style
  • They appear “Old and Antique”

Oh God ! Was My reaction !

As a marketer, I searched on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc, to learn more about the milk paint, and I have just one word: Impressive!!

After what I learned, I called the company and I ordered 10 samples of different colors. Delivery was quick, which is important in terms of shipping and I began testing, painting, measuring, mixing colors, etc. The samples were very good quality. Good job The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company!!

After my experience I decided to contact them. The owner of The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company is Anne Thibeau and after some emails to request an interview…phew!…I got the interview!

In the following paragraphs you will find the questions and the answers that Anne very kindly responds to. Thanks Anne!!

1.The Old Fashioned Milk Paint has 40 years in the market. What do you feel is the main driver behind the success of your company and products?

Well, first of all, we were the first company to make a milk paint in powder form. My father,Charles Thibeau, was the creative force who had the vision to recreate this ancient, all natural paint into a modern, powdered form. There was nothing else like it on the market. He developed it as a powder to keep it natural, and as close to the original formulas that were made by hand on the back porch, avoiding the need to use any kind of chemical preservatives. That was very practical, and ingenious, really. As a family we have really just believed in his vision and have always strived to provide our customers with the best product and customer service possible. We have many loyal customers who have been with us from the beginning!

2.Why would milk paint be a great choice for restoration versus others kind of paint?

Its history and authenticity. There are other paints claiming to be milk paint that use unnatural ingredients that would not have been used. Some liquid paints claim to be “milk paint” but are actually just modern, acrylic paints that are available in colors that are based on old, historic milk paint colors. This is the real deal.
Genuine milk paint has a look that you just can’t easily get with a modern paint- it is naturally mottled and uneven, both chalky and velvety, and with rich colors that will not fade.

3.Should milk paint be used more often by painters, DYI people, kids, woodworkers, etc? Why ?

Oh, definitely it should be. Not only is it best for replicating an old, historic look, but it gives you that look easily.

For example, many painters use various faux finishing techniques- layering, dry
brushing, etc., etc., to get a look that you can get just by simply using milk paint. And it’s much better for your health! We feel it’s the safest paint available. Our second formula that we developed for walls, is called SafePaint, for that reason.

Chemically sensitive people and pregnant women can use our paint, and you can paint your bedroom or baby’s nursery in the afternoon and sleep in it that night, with no worry about harmful fumes. And it doesn’t always have to have that “old” look.

Our SafePaint is more even and consistent looking than the original formula, but still has that soft look with deep, rich colors. People can be a little wary of using a paint that you have to mix with water first, but it’s really so easy, like making chocolate milk!

4.Could you share with us five main benefits of The Old Fashioned
Milk Paint?

1. It’s the original– others have tried over the years to make a similar product, but we don’t think anyone has ever quite gotten the formula the same. Ours has been tried and true for 42 years.2. It is all natural with zero VOC’s, it’s 100% biodegradable, no fumes- just a faint milky/earthy odor when wet, no odor when dry. Many people with multiple chemical sensitivity or who are otherwise allergic to latex /chemically produced paints find they can successfully use our paint.3. It’s convenient.The powder is easily stored airtight indefinitely- just scoop some out and add water when you are ready to paint. Being a powder it is also easier and less costly to ship.4.) It lends itself to a lot of different looks and styles. These days chalk style paints are very popular- but really, milk paint is the original paint with the soft, chalky look. You can instantly make something look very old with our paint, but you can also get a sleek, more modern look with it.

5.) We pride ourselves in awesome customer service! We care about our customers and always try to go the extra distance. We have about 400 or so dealers and distributors worldwide, but we are still a small, family-based business and are always available to help rush our paint out to those in a hurry or to offer technical support and answer any questions in a timely manner.


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