DIY : Multiple icon dragging on airdesk – Sang Hun Han – Medium

Until now to move icon, we have to drag ‘one by one’. It’s actually time wasting and bothering works to customize. To solve this problem, I need to add multiple drag features.

For a long time, almost 10 months, multiple drag was just dream. I’d tried sometimes but met many failure. I’ve searched useful plugins, read jQuery documents, but I couldn’t find anything. However, last three days I found simple trick and used it. Then make it.

Multiple drag icons feature

To make prototype of multiple drag, I didn’t used 3 hours. However, real programming is to solve bugs. It’s easy to icon drag on background, but there are difficult part which is folder interaction.

To insult icons into folder used 6 hours, reverse was 16 hours. I did everything I can do but I couldn’t find solution. Console.log always writing weird value, and weird movement. When 2 A.M(after 20 hours) I wrote single code, then solved it. LOL.

I spend almost 22 hours for this and more time for thought but still it wasn’t perfect. Multiple drag is not supported Current timer, Search bar, Widgets and many other components, only supports icons. But I know how to do and I will cover whole components drag.


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