DIY : More Adventurous Alternatives For Traditional Kitchen Sinks

Copper, Brass & Bronze Kitchen Sinks

You can’t go wrong with a copper sink, can you?

While most metallic sinks use stainless steel, there are other metals and alloys that can serve the same purpose while lending a great deal of style to the whole kitchen.

Of these, the most popular are copper, brass and bronze.

Copper is a pure metal with a stunning colour that can really pop in a kitchen with copper cookware. Untreated, it develops a corrosion layer called a patina which can be very appealing on copper, though this can be easily avoided for those who prefer the new metal look.

Brass and bronze are more durable than copper and less prone to corrosion, but can be costly and difficult to buy off the shelf. Like copper, the surface is anti-bacterial, meaning that any of these metals is very much suitable for the kitchen sink.


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