DIY : Manicure Ideas That Say Goodbye To Short Nail Shame

By: Michelle Ayr

With the perfect claws that Rihanna displays, it’s hard to not fall victim to wanting the exact look. But don’t feel bad the next time you see the perfect talons while scrolling through your newsfeed because with nails, the size doesn’t matter! Short nails are perfect when the cuticle is pushed all the way back and the canvas is smooth, clean and shaped. Opening a soda can, typing away on your keyboard and taking your contact lenses out has never been easier with shorter nails, so why sacrifice the comfort for style, when you can have both? Gain the confidence and stop apologizing to your nail technician about your short nails with these practical and cute nail designs for short nails!

We recommend Essie’s Luxeffects Top Coat in shade Rock at the Top.

Playing around with vertical lines, especially in the middle, give the idea that the nail is actually longer that it is. Increase the illusion of a longer nail even more when playing around with colors that have a sparkly or shiny finish, as they tend to project more light.

To achieve this look, we recommend using OPI’s Nail Lacquer in shades Mimosas For Mr. and Mrs., and Funny Bunny.

Want to do a french but worried it might not look the best with your nail length? With an ombre effect on a french nail design, the nail looks clean, subtle and elegant, while not making harsh lines to accentuate the shape or length of the nail.

We recommend Essie’s Nail Lacquer in shade Lilacism.

By applying a cute violet diagonal design in the middle of your nail that goes from one end to the other, the nail gives off the impression that it is longer than it actually is while not going overboard with effect and design. Choose a color within the same family as your natural nail shade or any pastel color.

We recommend using Revlon’s Nail Enamel in shades Crimson Jelly, and Jungle.

Like the idea of using a horizontal line to make your nails looks longer, but want something a bit more trendy? Try this designer stripe to make a simple, yet bold statement and still have your nails look party-ready.

To get this chic look, we recommend using Zoya’s Naked Base Nail Polish are your basecoat, and adding a dot on each nail in shade Snow White.

There’s something about a small white dot that just makes any simple manicure go to runway ready. Consider using a white polish when making this design, as to mimic the french nail art that many are familiar with.

The achieve this look, swipe on OPI’s Natural Nail Base, followed by shade Precisely Pinkish.

Because solid, bold colors will often make your short nails appear to be even shorter, play around with negative space and make asymmetrical polka dots that have the effect of filling up the entire nail. Use any color you like, as long as your natural nail is shown underneath.


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