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For Father’s Day, Aria was very insistent that we should make daddy breakfast and bring him breakfast in bed. (We managed to do the first, but not the latter.)

For his special breakfast we decided that we would make him pancakes. Aria remembered that daddy said as a kid he loved the Ninja Turtles, so she came up with the brilliant and fun idea to make him Ninja Turtle pancakes.

Please feel free to refer to my previous blogs to learn the basics of making customised pancakes. And you can watch the video below to see how we made Ninja Turtle pancakes:

It was very refreshing to make pancakes for daddy, because pancakes aren’t always just for girls or for kids! For example, I’ve made pancakes for daddy shaped like the LA Dodgers logo. (If you’d like for me to post a video tutorial on how to make these pancakes, just let me know!) A tip to remember when making pancakes with text/script/writing — be sure to write the text backwards in the pan. Otherwise the text will be backwards when you flip the pancake over. (I learned this lesson the hard way. I had to rotate the below photo of the finished product, as in reality the writing had come out backwards.) For this pancake I also mixed powdered blue food colouring with the pancake batter to create the outside round circle.

Making the LA Dodgers logo with pancake batter.
LA Dodgers pancake with blue background

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