DIY : Make your own portable retro Game Console – Jagannath Bhat – Medium

Now plug in the LCD screen on the GPIO pins on the Pi. Go ahead and boot up the Pi into the Retropie interface. You’ll need to configure the gamepad on the first go. Once you’re done, try exploring the interface and console settings.

There will be really bad lag on your LCD. You need to force it to display at 60fps for it to be usable. This is a common stumbling block, and you can do this with a few minor changes to the config.txt file.

Now make the whole thing portable using the power bank as the base. Make sure the indicator lights face outwards. Stick the Raspberry Pi case and the gamepad onto the back surface using double-sided tape. The indicator lights will show you how much power you have remaining.

You can now switch on your Retropie by plugging in the cable from the power bank. Happy gaming! 🙂

Additional mod: Plug in these mini speakers into the Pi headphone jack to hear game audio out loud!


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