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Last Minute Couples Costumes

  • Fox News and the Hound — Based on the beloved family film, this costume is a quick fix. For the Hound you’ll need floppy ears, black nose paint and a tail while Fox News requires a blonde wig, a microphone, and 4 or 5 blatantly racist questions to ask.
  • Susprintia — Both you and your significant other fashion the revealing red ribbon ballet outfits from 2018’s Suspiria remake out of simple dollar store favric. The quicker you make the costume the more realistic it will look! Then throw on some eyeglasses and put a cellphone to your ears to transform yourselves into the Sprint ad man from the neck up. Welcome to the cult of wireless providers.
  • Space Race Jam — You and your significant other slip into NBA jerseys, preferably you both pick a pairing known for their public rivalries (Lakers and Celtics, Knicks and Pacers, etc.) Next, put on astronaut helmets. If they look clunky then you’re being historically accurate.
  • A Star is Torn — The two of you dress as Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s characters from A Star is Born. Think rockstar so lots of denim. Next, apply fake gore to your costumes to make it look like you’ve been mauled by some kind of vicious monster. Hey, that’s show business for ya!


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