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Sure, store-bought costumes are easy, but they’ll hardly make you a paragon of individuality on All-Hallows Eve. Assemble a truly individual look with the help of our key Halloween accessories that will turn your trip to the thrift store into a costume to remember.

Elf Ears

Fantasy enthusiasts rejoice! Pointy elf ear toppers are a cheap accessory that fit around the outer ear to get your Legolas look on point. Keep an eye out for silicone or soft plastic ears that match your skin tone and wear your hair long over the front of the ear for a realistic effect.


This year, amirite? Be the harbinger of the end of days in any number of costume configurations signifying that you’re gonna tear it all down and scatter the ashes across the underworld. (And just in case it’s not obvious, we’re talking about a plastic scythe, duh.)

Clown Wig

Get that costume ready, Bozo. A rainbow clown wig can be easily paired with a variety of mis-matched, oversized thrift store finds, so slap on some cheap lipstick and give the kids something to smile about.

Dramatic Cape

Whether you go for Little Red Riding Hood, Hogwarts teaching staff, hobbit, wizard, elf or witch, a dramatic hooded cape in red, green or black finishes your costume with a professional touch. Also, it’d be a shame to cover your costume in a big puffer coat on your way to the party.


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