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Words of gratitude to those, who has helped me.

One can find a plenty of information on how to write New Year’s resolution right. However, there is not so much out there about how to make them work. Mayim Bialik suggests to add more human-ness to your resolution by rather taking it as a process and allowing yourself some pitfalls along the way. Her words do resinate with me, and I am sure they will with you too. But I don’t think it is enough. On my opinion, and base this purely on my experience, one of the key factors to succeeding with your New Year’s resolution is having a support system – people who’d understand you and would hold your hand, when it gets tough, or even give you that necessary kick to help you pull your shit back together, and people who’d inspire you to keep going.


I am lucky to have such people in my life. These are of course my family. Last year their support was not always about saying nice and pleasant things about my creations. Along with cheering me up, they knew how to give me a healthy dose of criticism, the one that wouldn’t discourage, but rather motivate to reconsider a project and reach for a better result. They did another very important thing – they have shown their interest in how it was going. Each time their questions turned me to have a look into myself, helping to acknowledge how I felt and to enjoy, if it was pleasant, or find the reasons why and recognize them, if it was disappointing. I am grateful to them and for them being part of my life.


There were so many, who’d support me with right words on right time. All of them deserve special regards, which they had received in private. Their help means a world to me! But there are a few I’d like to mention, knowing they wouldn’t mind a bit of publicity.

A great person, life brought me together with, is Galina Galyshina From More Than Style, who’s now a stylist and style and image consultant and trainer in Moscow. First of all some of her exercises helped me to improve my use of color and textures. Being a personal coach herself and being someone who has successfully changed her own life, she inspires by just this fact on its own. But she always found those write words to help me evaluate what has been done, and set my priorities and stick to them (!). Our conversations exchanging ideas were very motivating and moving.

My high school friend Maria Pristavko, who is working primarily as a marketing consultant and Business Performance analyst specializing on “Blue Ocean” concept, she also does some personal coaching, did a really good job braking my doubts with her talent of pointing out the facts, I couldn’t argue against. She would just pose a question at times, making me realize that my fears are rootless.

Local Bead Store

If you are a passionate beader as I am, not the least helping factor in doing something like no new beads or reducing amounts of beads purchased would be your Local Bead Store and most importantly people working there. Find the one, where they understand you, and would rather help you go through this difficult time – just being frank – instead of tempting you each time you go there.

Living in a small big city of Bratislava you can find quite a few of such stores, but the best one is just around the corner for me. It is called Koralkovy Svet (meaning Bead World). It is located in the very center of Bratislava on Vysoka 33 – very convenient even if you are just visiting the city.

All girls working there impress me every time with the kind of service they offer. I mean, even if I explain what I want on fingers. They always find what is needEd, and if not – a very very rare situation – they offer some possible solutions. Being bead, kumihimo, soutache, embroidery and such artists themselves, they really understand and help based on their own experience and experience of other artists buying from their shop. As many stores, they have a loyalty program, but in addition they usually give a little gift when you spend a higher amount in one go. Why do I mention that? Because there were couple of times they gave me small crystals from new Swarovski collections to try, when I’ve spent out more on clasps. They did it with respect, asking first if it was legit within my resolution. This little gesture helped me not to break from my fast. On other visits to Koralkovy Svet, they were reminding me strictly about my challenge each time I stared beads and crystals for too long. This is why it is so great to find your own best Local Bead Store – they are much more human and much more supporting, not to mention much better service quality.

My fans and followers

Of course I wouldn’t do as well without you, those who follow me and support my work. Your likes, kind and cheering words, your reviews keep me going. I really hope, that my experience, my beading ideas help you in some small way.

Big-big thank you!

Happy beading!


I really appreciate your support! Sure give this article a 👏🏻 and if you are interested in my creations, follow me @Ofbeaddesigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can find my patterns on Etsy.


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