DIY : I Got My Dishwasher Fixed for a Six-Pack and a Pizza

I Got My Dishwasher Fixed for a Six-Pack and a Pizza

I’m not the handiest person when it comes to home repair or DIY, but I managed to fix my own dishwasher when it broke. Not only that, it cost me about what I would have paid for a six-pack of cheap beer and a pizza! I also learned a couple of things about myself along the way. That makes three wins, if you’re counting!

A few weeks ago, I loaded up the dishwasher, or overloaded it, because yeah, I’m a bachelor. When I went to turn it on, nothing. It acted like it wanted to go, but no water filled it. After a while, it signaled it was finished, despite the fact that not only were the dishes dirty, they were dry. I was not pleased.

I looked at my options: replace it, call a repairperson, or do without it. Options one and three were equally distasteful, so I called a local repair company. Unhelpfully, they couldn’t come out for a few days, and estimated the repair cost at $200. That price would be about two-thirds the cost of a new one, so … not happening. What to do? I’m on a pretty limited budget, meaning even though this appliance is old, I’m not replacing it. I also realized it is not worth two hundred bucks to fix it.

The idea of permanently washing my dishes by hand made me feel a little desperate. Desperation made me realize there is another option: fix it myself. Do it yourself appliance repair is not my thing. The only thing I had ever fixed was a flat tire on my bicycle, and I had my Dad coach me through that. A friend suggested I check out You Tube videos, thinking I might find one that would show me what was wrong, and how to fix it.

I spent about 4 hours searching You Tube for such a video. I found that Army tanks can do some pretty cool stuff, and learned that I can laugh at the antics of kittens for hours on end, but I never found a dishwasher video with a problem like mine. Just as I was about to give up, I saw an animated appliance DIY advertisement from a company called Tin Lizzee. It caught my eye because it gave me the answer I was looking for, doing it myself for cheap but not doing it alone.

Tin Lizzee’s video said I could be coached through the diagnosis and repair process by a real pro, using chat and live camera sharing. I could even do all this on my phone! Best of all, they claimed it could be done for twenty bucks! Twenty bucks? Twenty bucks is a six-pack of beer and a pizza! The repair company I called wanted to charge me at least $200. Even at that, I was a little skeptical, but they guaranteed it with a full refund if I was unsatisfied. I decided to give it a go, and if I screwed it, up, well, I would not be any worse off, and I’d get the Jackson back.

The Tin Lizzee website was really simple to use, and within a few minutes I was chatting live with a technician. I told him straight up that I was both clueless and nervous about the whole thing, but he said, “You’d be amazed at how easy most things are to fix, and I’ll talk you through the whole process.” He was as good as his word. Within ten minutes, he helped me figure out what was wrong, and said that the part itself often just needed cleaning to operate again.

To more easily disassemble, clean, and reinstall the offending part, the Tin Lizzee technician sent me a link to download Tin Lizzee’s app, called Virtually There. Now, this free, live camera sharing app was pretty amazing. In fact, the app alone was worth the twenty bucks, (but don’t tell Tin Lizzee I said that!) Using my smartphone’s camera, my Tin Lizzee technician could see what I was seeing, even drawing on my screen at one point. That’s right, he drew a circle on my screen to show me a part I had to take out, and an arrow showing me which way to turn it to remove it!

Just to move the story along and skip the boring bits, once the part was clean and put back in, my Tech talked me through a complete systems check for my machine, to be sure it all was working properly. It was! I couldn’t get over it, for a fraction of the cost, and using a fifth of the time I wasted falling down the You Tube rabbit hole, I was done! My dishwasher worked! It truly is amazing how easy most things are to fix!

I learned a few things, saved a lot of money, and not counting the time spent watching tanks and kittens, saved a lot of time. Tin Lizzee offers a better way, and I can’t say enough good things about them. So my advice, for the inevitable day when one of your appliances lets you down, give a Tin Lizzee Technician a shot at it. You’ll be out the price of some beer and pizza, but compared to the price of an $200 in-home repair, what’s that?


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