DIY : I am really glad that bigger companies such as your selves take the time to write articles on a…

I am really glad that bigger companies such as your selves take the time to write articles on a website such as Medium. I personally know almost everything in your articles, but since I have to write a response to select articles everyday in my English class in college, I would prefer to respond to something I am mildly interested in. I am also glad more specifically to the article that you guys have covered the grounds of recommending an air compressor for newcomers to PC building and upkeep. When I first got into building computers, I had realized that the dust build up added up really quickly, and I lived off of canned air for almost a year, and bought them with my groceries. After being fed up spending upwards of six dollars every couple of weeks or so, I decided to buy an air compressor off of New Egg. It also really helps that a company as notorious as your selves are reaching out to people on how they should maintain not only the cases that you guys provide, but the hardware in their machines as well. I also appreciate the fact that you recommend that the user uses rubbing alcohol for cleaning off the heat sink for their CPU cooler. What is nicer about that is that most heat sinks have a copper base, and can get really clean with something as simple as an alcohol solution. I personally know a few people that didn’t even know that their super expensive computer cases were equipped with dust filters. I found this out when helping disassemble on of my friends personal computers, and the power supply unit filter was absolutely atrocious. Anyway, thank you for reading this review if you ever get to it in your free time, and keep making the best ATX/ITX cases out there!


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