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I’ve been in the US for three years now, and Abe is the fifth barber I found. He’s the best one who understood and did the haircut I really wanted.

But it’s still expensive!! A haircut in the Philippines costs around PhP 100 — PhP 200 (about $3–$4). But of course, I can’t go there every month to have my haircut.

My son’s haircut, on the other hand, costs $12. Adding a tip of $3 humps it up to $15. My wife went to a parlor once, and it cost her $20 (including the tip).

Barber Daddy

So one day in August 2016, I decided to invest on electric hair clippers and a pair of hair scissors. I watched a bunch of tutorials on YouTube on how to cut my son’s hair. I didn’t want him to look bad (and hate me) so this process was important.

The hair clipper cost $18 (Wahl brand), and the pair of scissors with some accessories cost another $15.

I wish I could say that everything went well and my son looked awesome the first time I cut his hair. Alas, that wasn’t the case. I didn’t know what I was doing so I ended up cutting his hair a little too short than I planned.

Thankfully, a boy’s hair grow quickly. Before long, it was haircut-with-dad day again!

Still not an expert, but at least my son’s hair looks decent.

Two haircuts in and we’ve recouped our haircut gear investment! Totally worth it.

DIY Haircut

On a whim, I searched YouTube for videos of men cutting their own hair. I watched two, or maybe four videos and decided that I can do it, too! But before doing it, I needed a good mirror so I can see the progress on the side and the back of my head!

The YouTube tutorials suggested buying a three-way mirror, self-haircut system. But boy, those suckers are expensive!

Wall-mounted mirror for DIY haircuts! It works well!

So I ended up buying a smaller, wall-mounted, retractable mirror. It’s good enough, and only cost $21.63 via Amazon.

To avoid looking like being the victim of the barber from hell, I asked my wife to watch the tutorials and help me fix my hair, just in case I can’t fix the sides and the back.

I’m glad to report that I did not cut my ears, my scalp is intact, and I ended up liking my DIY haircut.

But is it worth it, though?

By cutting my son’s hair, my own hair, and occasionally, my wife’s, we end up saving at least $300 a year on haircuts.

Each haircut session lasts for about 40–60 minutes. Doing so helps us save some money on haircuts, gas for trips to the barber, snacks (if we get hungry).

Some people say that their time is really valuable and they would rather pay someone to do simple tasks like a haircut.

But I do like learning something that I can use for myself and my family. I love the DIY ethic that the Internet makes possible. Besides, our family decided to save money where we could, and haircuts is another area where we could do just that.


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