DIY : How To Remove Water Stains From Upholstery Fabric in 4 Steps

Isn’t it hard to believe that water can stain stuff? Water — the solvent we use to remove many stains can cause stains itself! These stains could be from the minerals in water, dirt in the upholstery or carpet. These stains nonetheless can be removed. Surprisingly, these stains can be removed by water only. Here’s Toms fabric sofa cleaning experts, explaining how to remove water stains from your upholstery.

DIY 4 Steps To Remove Water Stains From Upholstery Fabric

Step 1: Use A Clean Cloth

The thumb rule is to always try to blot as much of spillage as possible when fabric is still wet from the first spill. Suck the water using a clean cloth until no more fluid can be pulled from the wet sofa fabric. The more you suck the moisture, the higher your chances of not creating water stain on the fabric when the water dries.

Step 2: Soak A Cloth In Vinegar

Soak a cloth in vinegar. Dab the still damp area with this vinegar-moistened cloth. Blot carefully around the peripheries of the stain and then move towards the centre. Do this to prevent the stain from spreading. It is very important to note that you have to not rub much vinegar as you may damage the fabric. Also see look out for colour loss.

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