DIY : How to photo transfer – Kim Alban – Medium

Things you’ll need:

  1. An high resolution image or pixelated one (if that’s your thing),

2. Mod Podge OR Golden Soft Medium(either gloss or matte),

3. Any Brush even a sponge brush,

4. A surface like a canvas, a wall, piece of wood, etc..

5. A laser printed image on regular printing paper,

6. A rag or plain sponge

7. An ID card or roller

Step 1: Setting up your image

Choose any image with a decent resolution and save it on your computer.

Open up a new file in Photoshop with these details:

You’ll open this blank document and drag, drop your image of choice.

Resize it on the blank document to the size of your choice.

Beware: If you want the image to appear on your selected canvas as you see it on the screen — -be sure to reflect it (flip it) in Photoshop BEFORE YOU PRINT IT, especially if your image has TEXT on it.

TIP: Because the whole process makes your image ‘faded’ after transferring, do try to bump up your saturation levels in Photoshop (PS) a bit, about +25 points with the Hue & Saturation tool in PS.

As soon as your image looks great to you, PRINT IT!

Step 2: Applying gel medium

Apply a coat of your medium evenly. I prefer applying 5 coats just to secure that none of the original image gets rubbed off during the transfer phase.

Step 3: Apply, Smooth and Dry

Take your image and place it facedown on canvas. Try your best to place it evenly on your selected canvas.

Take an ID card and smooth out the air bubbles you’ll see on the flipped side.

Doing this will ensure your image will transfer smoothly on your canvas.

Allow to dry for up to 8–12 hours. If you applied 5 coats just give your image 24 hours to dry.

Step 3: Wet Canvas

Take your rag or sponge and make sure its damp. Place your damp rag/sponge on your canvas and soak your image. Yes, you should be able to see your image now when it’s soaked!

Step 4: Rub Off

Try your best with the rag or sponge to rub off as much of the white printing paper as you can so you can make your printed image out clearly. Do this gently as you may peel off some of the original image!

image from Morena’s Corner

This image above is the process of rubbing off the printed paper.

Reality tip: Some of your original photo MAY rub off. It’s ok. You did your best.

Step 5: Seal

So you can see your image fully now. Whats next?

Apply one final coat of the gel medium (or whatever you decided to use) to ensure your image stays put and also shines through.

Gel glossy medium will make your image glossy and reflective.

Gel matte medium won’t be glossy.


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