DIY : How to Make Crepe Paper Flowers with Copic Markers – Jessica Morosi – Medium

Crepe-paper flowers capture the essence of flowers without all the botanical details, they add such delicate bloom. Crape flower are really a fun project. Happy part is u can color them by your own favourite colour copic marker. They are far more durable.

Why Use Copic Various Ink?

Although crepe paper comes in really cool colors, but adding these small bright color hues details gives them such a natural look . I experimented using acrylic and watercolor paint to add those extra details.

Step 1: Cutting Out the Center

Cut out a paper of 1.5×2 inch rectangle for the stamens and one for the pollen. Now fringe the stripes as finely as you can.

To make your stamen put aside the off-white fringe, which will be your stamens. Working with just the gold strip, cut across the fringe in very small rows, perpendicular to your first set of cuts, to create a tiny gold confetti. That will become the pollen at the ends of the stamens.

Step 2: Coloring the Center

Cut 1.5 inch square from the off-white crepe and color the center of it using two different shades

Take a small amount of the off-white crepe and roll it into the size of a small pea. Flatten it a little. Dot one side of your colored 1.5” square with glue and cover the top half of the “pea”.

Step 3: Gluing the Stamens Together

Make a light zigzag of glue across the bottom uncut portion of your fringe. Wrap it around the wire just under the “pea,” to make sure that it Squeeze out a small puddle of glue and dip the ends of the stamens in the glue.

Step 4: Adding Confetti

Then, dip the ends in the confetti and let dry.

Step 5: Cutting Out the Petals

Using the below petal template, cut all the petals A-C and two of petal D.

Step 6: Coloring the Petals

Colour the petals keeping dark in the inner side and a little lighter towards the corner do the same from layer to layer for each petal. For soften blend I used lighter colors. This is the most natural way of coloring and adding a natural detail to your petals.

For flower one, draw a very short line or two at the very base of the petal with V12. Then, use color from the base up to the tip of the petal, blending all the harsh lines at the bottom.

Make different flowers using variations in the coloring techniques and the color shades that you use. Add your favourite colors and textures and start mixing them.


  • Crepe Paper
  • glue
  • 3 inches of light green floral tape
  • Sketch and markers of your color choice
  • Paper scissors




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