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To make the burlap pillow you will need to find a piece of burlap. I bought a potato sack from Jutemill a way back. It was good to use and now it was lying around my house, I ended up using.

To make a digital printed or words in the pillow, you need to follow:

If you have words with one side of the pillow because that will end up being the inside of the pillow my burlap was a bit wrinkly so I earned it to make the fabric straight to now once you finish ironing you want to lay down the burlap and flip it over so that the side with words like I had its facing up or to whatever siding want to be the inside of the pillow.

I wear the middle of the fabric is and fold it in half using a marker nor the insides of the fold crease on both edges where you folded the pillow. Once you’ve completed that open the fabric back up and using a ruler create a line connecting the two marks you just created this will define the middle line of your fabric flip the burlap over to the other side which will be the outside of the pillow.

I wanted to get an idea of how much space the front of my pillow would have so I put small mark on the edge where my middle line would be the upper half of my blank side of burlap will be the back of the pillow and the front lower half of my burlap will be the front side of the pillow. I took two pieces of blank printer paper and place them on the lower half of burlap. I measured how much space I could have for a design and tape the papers together once I did that I took off the paper and began to create a design using pencil.


I wrote the word “LOVE NATURE” whereas you can draw or write whatever you want for this part next. I cut out the outline for my word however when you’re making your design, make sure you use bubble letters and so you can cut it out easily. Then I taped the outline of my word to the burlap finally using a sponge. I dyed black fabric paint onto the outline after letting it, sit to dry. 
I took off the outline carefully which revealed my word stenciled in however, I went back in and added some more paint to spots that were in me since I finished with the design. It’s time for stitching up the pillow before I began selling, I folded my burlap in half where I had drawn my middle line from earlier when you sew make sure the side without your design is facing you so the pillow will be inside out, when you sew after I got that situated.

I began to sew one side of the pillow make sure to use strong thread such as coat heavy thread. I’m not going to really explain how to hand sew so if you don’t know how to find some other YouTube video or some blogs.

Once I finished I tied a knot on that end and began to serve alongside of my pillow when you get to the last side. You’re going to have three sections of sewing you’ll hand sew the far right and left sections so you can leave the middle open, that’s where you will add stuffing into the pillow once you start the two sections. You’ll put your hand through that middle section and turn the pillow inside out now.

You should be able to see your design and it looks more like a pillow then you’ll take your stuffing and stop the pillow as soon as those as much fluff to the penalize you want. You can hand sewed that last section shut like you did to the previous sides finally after a long process. You have completed your pillow now!

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