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Are you planning to DIY a newborn hamper to give as gift to a friend on her baby shower? That is actually a fabulous idea for Baby Hamper Singapore. There are lots of choices for Baby Gifts and you can have them arranged in assortments you want for your DIY baby hamper delivery. Doing or creating a DIY baby hamper is an opportunity to give something for your friend’s new baby out of your thoughtfulness and generosity. Here are some ways on how to DIY a lovely baby hamper for baby showers:

· Choose a hamper

Before you select the gifts for baby shower, it is best if you will choose a hamper first. The size of the hamper and the materials are among the factors in choosing hampers for your special customized and personalized newborn hampers . Wicker hampers or wooden hampers and plastic hampers are available in small, medium, and large sizes.

· Decide the color

When you construct and create your DIY baby hamper of baby first month gift, you also have to decide on the color scheme. Based on gender of the baby or on the theme of the party, the color of the hamper will be more attractive if it is done with a great choice of color.

· Fill the hamper with baby items

Fill up the hamper with baby gifts like baby clothes, plush toys, diapers, baby bottles, and more according to your preferred assortment. There are also other products to include in a personalized baby hamper like handmade quilts, crafted or crocheted baby items, and personalized keepsakes.

· Arrange the hamper

Arrangement is important not only to make the hamper a lovely presentation but also to ensure that the items are safely placed in the hamper. Larger and taller items can be placed at the back part while smaller items can be placed at the front.

· Decorate the hamper

Using ribbons, bows, and laces, decorate your hamper and make it attractive. Finish the decoration by wrapping it with a printed or plain plastic cellophane or sheet. Tie a ribbon in your preferred color and attach a card on it.

Constructing a DIY Baby Hamper is not that easy but it can be fun and more enjoyable to give as gift to the celebrant. This gift will surely make your gifting more worthwhile and the parents will appreciate your thoughtfulness and your warmest way of greeting them.


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