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Decking areas are one of the most used areas in British summer time. Any ray of sun and you’ve got the BBQ on and friends are on their way over in minutes. But shock! You haven’t prepped the decking yet!

Winter weather has given the decking a battering meaning it’s in dire need of some prepping.

Here are some top tips to make sure your decking stands out above the rest at summer.


Firstly the most important thing to do is figure out what condition your decking is in. By assessing this you’ll know exactly what products you need to get and not waste your money on products you don’t need.

If your decking is younger than six months then there is no need to treat it, as premature treatment can damage its life. leave it alone for the first half of the year. If however, it is older than that then get to treating! If you want you can strip back an existing finish to add a new one. Bear in mind this will take the decking back to bare wood.


Before you start with any intricate treatment, the best thing to do is give the decking a decent clean. Try by giving the decking a deep clean with a pressure washer in order to get up any mould, algae or dirt.

If your decking isn’t filthy but still needs to be freshened up, use a scrubbing brush or broom, as this will help get all the expected dirt out of all the grooves in the wood.

How will you treat it?

There is a variety of ways you can treat your decking, depending on the style you want. The most popular are

Oils- Oiling decking has many positives, for example, the oils replace the natural oils in the timber that are lost over time. In addition to this the oils waterproof the decks to stop it from warping

Paints — you can paint your decking to whatever style suits you. Either change constantly to fit whatever is trending, or chose a timeless look that will fit your house forever. Decking paints also help to stop splinters and fill in small cracks around the decking.Stains and paints will require regular application almost every summer to keep it in good condition.


It’s best to care for your decking at least twice a year. Firstly you will need to prepare just after winter and before spring in order to be fully prepared for the summer months, and just as autumn stars so it’s got the most protection it can have for the horrible British winter.

Never apply in wet or damp conditions so make sure to check the forecast before you start, if it rains before your chosen treating agent has dried, it will ruin the decking and you will most likely have to start again. If possible avoid treating in severe heat as the treatment may dry before its absorbed into the wood.

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