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How I fixed my iPhone 5

This is a diy project and came about as a result of the fact that I replaced by iphone 5C battery only to find out that it would not charge. I made a few observations.

1. Battery charging port looks fine.

2. The phone initially turned on till the battery run down implying that there was not a problem with the motherboard of the device.

This led me to diagnose the problem:

Possible faults

a) Damaged charging port

b) I lost two screws for a connector which seemed like a ground connect

c) It could be possible the battery got damaged.

This is a block diagram of the iphone charging system.

I needed to check whether there was power output from the charging port to the battery pins.

So here is what I did:

I removed the bottom section,separated the speaker and tested the output from the charging port looked like there was power but the phone would still not charge and I still needed to retrieve phone contacts.

Disassembly of bottom section including charging port

Guess what I did?

I attempted to bypass the whole charging circuitry and connect the battery terminals directly.

To do this, I needed to check the polarity of the battery terminals which I did.

The multimeter should give a reading between 3v-4.9v should the probe be connecting the terminals in the right direction. After that i hooked up an old charger with exposed wires directly to the battery terminals.

Bypass battery terminals

Extra caution needed

— — There is a possibility of battery exploding and therefore make sure to exercise all necessary precaution.

Caution: Kindly let an expert check if you are not confident enough to try this.

— — Iphone parts are very expensive besides there is always danger of a battery explosion.

Time to charge the battery directly

I left the battery charging for a while and assembled the removed parts together.

Voila it kind of worked. Thanks for reading.


It turns out the connector whose screws I had lost was used to hold the battery connector in place. Might have been a ground pin as well but overall did not have an effect on the operation of the device.


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