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A DIY “snow globe” that doubles as a fabulous Christmas/New Year’s table centrepiece!

My little guy and I have a Christmas tradition of making a winter wonderland snow globe using a cake stand. Although, he’s only 4 years old so it’s more of a tradition for me and an entirely new experience for him each time.

This year, I’m noticing some kind of a shift as he attempts to take over the creative process. My understanding is that there will be a Paw Patrol dog and a Pepa the Pig figurine making their way into the forest. I may even find a couple of hot wheels cars and a shoe in there tomorrow so here are some before photos.

By the way, after displaying this as part of your holiday decor, it makes a beautiful Christmas/New Year’s table centrepiece with a garland or some greenery underneath.

Easy “Snow Globe” Centrepiece

1) Cake stand: A cake stand works best since it’s elevated. The winter wonderland scene shows up much nicer with an elevated cake stand vs. a flat platter with a dome. Also, I prefer the cake stands with a taller dome so you can add tall trees/figurines. Some cake stands have a shorter rounded dome, which will limit what you put inside. (I purchased mine from Homesense in Canada).

2) Car ornament: These vintage car ornaments are perfect for a winter wonderland scene. They come in all kinds of vintage inspired colours and with the “fresh” cut tree on top, they add so much whimsy! (I purchased mine from Michaels Stores in Canada).

3) Faux snow: For this particular snow globe I used the fine powder type snow, but they also sell the shinier more glossy faux snow that glistens in the light. Makes it look like it’s extra cold/icy out. (I purchased mine from Michaels Stores in Canada).

4) Small bottlebrush trees: I purchased this set of three bottlebrush trees at an amazing price from Ikea Canada. They are the perfect size and the colours are fabulous. I should have bought more!

The best thing about this “snow globe” centrepiece is that you can change it up every year by adding forest animals, more trees, a log cabin, skis, sleds, etc. Get creative and Merry Christmas, guys!! Xo


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