DIY : Hoe To Grow Endless Supply Of Vegetables – Plugbear – Medium

Imagine walking out to your Garden instead of the grocery store on the weekend. You see this:

Which vegetables would you harvest to cook for the day? Taking the concept of FARM TO TABLE, you can bring your farm straight to your doorstep. With patience, passion, care and a little bit of knowledge, you could grow food to sustain you FOREVER.

A Young Calamondin, also known as calamansi

Fancy picking up a garnish or herb to finish the last ingredient while serving it to your friends or family. You get to impress while enjoy the freshness, insecticide-free, satisfaction of your hard work while bringing a quality harvest to the table. 
No longer will you have the need to queue in line in the vegetable section, check every leaf for decay, making sure the packaging is intact or even looking out for an expiry date (they usually don’t have that).

And here is the real secret to keeping your mini farm sustainable

how the system works. image from

If you could choose any type of plant that could sustain you, which vegetables would you choose to grow?


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