DIY : Here’s How Long Wood Glue Really Lasts – Elizabeth Emma – Medium

You maybe wondering how long it takes for a modern wood glue to hold a joint before it deteriorates.

Well, you’re not alone. Many people are also wondering whether the stuff they are assembling is going to last for long before it disjoints.

There’s not a clear cut answer to how long wood glue will last, but there are expected lifespans. Under the right conditions, wood glue can last up to 80 years or even more than a century, but in other cases, it might only last a few years or less. It depends on the following factors:

1. Exposure To Heat And Moisture

According to “Joint Life (how long will glue last)” by Bill Tindall, original wood glue has been in the market since the 1950s, and no changes have been made to the substance to make it degrade with time.

While other types of glues when exposed to moisture and heat can chemically degrade, wood glue can only be affected by the type of the wood (which can be cut to extreme precision using special tools — see Carve Your Creation) in addition to moisture and heat.

2. Type Of Wood

Wood normally changes dimension when exposed to conditions like moisture.

The change can cause stress when assembling the wood. Small stress rarely affects the joints, while larger stress may have a large impact by affecting the glued joint. Moisture can also soften the glue, which can lead to the joint falling out or disintegrating. So how long wood glue will last will be greatly affected by the type of wood and its moisture content.

3. Temperature Changes

Some type of wood glue (Titebond Original, for example) is normally affected by changes in temperature. It is very strong under normal room temperature, but when exposed to high heat, it tends to get warm and weak, hence leading to the disintegration of a joint.


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