DIY : Harry Potter themed Beer Pong – Danielle Coetzee – Medium

If you are in a friends group like I am where Beer Pong is the go to party game then you are in for an upgrade of note!

Not only have we upgraded the rules but we have designed a whole new aesthetic to the game.

The Things you will need

♥ 3 dowels that are about the width of an adult finger

♥ 3 coke 500ml bottles

♥ 24 solo cups

♥ 6 ping pong balls

♥ 2 sheets of paper

♥ 12 large paper clips (24 small)

♥ one small gift box in a maroon red colour

♥ Fabric paint in: red, green, yellow, blue, black and white

♥ Glitter Glue in: red, green, blue, gold and silver

♥ Gold paint: one cheaper one for bottom layers and a very good quality metallic gold one for the final coat.

♥ plastic tubing (at least 2 meters)

♥ thin malleable metal wire (at least 4 meters)

♥ 3 sheets of white card paper

♥ Masking tape

♥ Pool Noodles in: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue

♥ Pliers

♥ Branch trimmers for cutting the dowel

♥ Glue Gun

♥ Basics : Scissors, Pencil, marker, measuring tape and ruler

Put it together:

So now to put this together you will need the following documents and pictures for the measurements.

You will need to save this shape and print 9 per page. 12 all together.

Here is my measurements in inches for each of the dowels.

Now to actually put this together go watch my youtube video at:


Thank you for reading through! I hope you enjoy making your very own set of Harry Potter Beer Pong!

I made mine for a friends 21st Birthday Party that is happening this Friday! If you want to see how that goes down go follow @Parallel_Danielle on instagram and @ParallelDan on twitter!


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