DIY : Get Rid of Car Beauty Centre — Personal Experience of DIY Rapid Plating Product

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Owning a favorite car, marrying someone you loved, and having a baby of your own, probably these are the three most important things in every man’s life. Therefore, as an indispensable member of these top three things, car maintenance is probably the hobby that every man enjoys most in spare time.

Daily vehicle maintenance, besides the regular oil filter replacement, the more common I’m afraid is waxing and polishing after washing. And the choices of car wax are many, from the usage, they are divided into new car wax, slightly scratched wax, clean paint wax, car wash wax. From the physical nature, there are three kinds : solid wax, liquid wax and paste wax. Among these waxes, the right choice of a wax is too complex for beginners, and while the wax durance is short, it is not suitable for most old drivers who hardly have any time to clean their cars.

As the name implies, automotive crystal coating is put forward to distinguish from coating by wax. The basic requirement of crystal coating is the materials being mainly SIO2 inorganic materials, often at the molecular nanometer level. Through the construction on the paint surface, the polymer will form an isolation layer on the surface of the car paint. The insulating layer has the functions of resisting ultraviolet radiation, oil resistance, low surface energy and hydrophobicity, so it can protect the paint surface better and keep it for a long time.

Although the crystal plating technology can solve the problem of short durance of waxing to a certain extent, the traditional crystal coating is complex, and requires the vehicle owner to go to a professional car beauty shop and have it done by professional personnel, and each crystal coating needs a polishing of the original car paint, in the long run it will cause irreversible damage to the original car paint. Recently, the problem has been completely solved by a quick coating named Baitu Weishi, which I bought on

In short, it is a quick crystal plating product that can be done by yourself in your garage, with no need of professional in the car beauty shop. Simply spraying a layer of silicon oxide coating can ensure that vehicle’s zero need of wax for half year or even one year, and can better ensure that the car paint is not slightly scratched or damaged by acid rain. First of all, let’s open the box and have a look at this fast coating bath set.

First of all, let’s look at this whole set of the crystal-plating set : two large car sponges, two small sponges, two boxes of crystal plating liquid, two bottles of deep cleaning agent of car paint.

First look at the box of the crystal liquid, the four Chinese characters Rapid Crystal Plating show the important features of this product, the main function of the product is marked at the lower position, namely: hard layer protection, long lasting, one spray one wipe. The box boasts a strong sense of science technology, while 120 ml capacity is a lot more than other crystal-plating products.

On the backside of the package, the main components and precautions of the product are indicated, and the official two-dimension WeChat code is also marked on the lower right to facilitate after-sales service.

Unboxing: open the package, you can see the towel, the nozzle and crystal liquid.

Take out the instructions first and read the guide carefully. In addition to the introduction of product characteristics, you need to take four steps: washing, spraying, wiping, curing. Four scrubbing towels and four nozzles for spraying were included.

The crystal plating liquid is contained in an aluminum metal can, and the bottle is much like a syrup bottle for kids.

The other side of the bottle is the instructions, cautions and storage instructions.

The plating liquid was sealed by an aluminum cap, material of which is same as the bottle , and inside which there is no further sealing.

Now let’s take a look at the car paint deep cleaning agent, weighing 320G, obviously heavier than the plating liquid. Its main function is to clean up the stubborn stains on car paints.

The front side of the bottle bears the instructions and cautions.

On the label of the back side of the bottle is the production date and inspection.

By unscrewing the bottle, can you then see the white sticky detergent in the bottle.

The test was carried out in a windless underground garage, after thoroughly cleaning the vehicle, we waited for the vehicle temperature dropping naturally down to room temperature before crystallization. First, we took out the detergent to clean the surface of the vehicle paint, and then clean up after washing.

Take out the bottle of crystal plating and get ready for the crystal plating.

The grease on the surface of the paint must be cleaned before plating. Clean thoroughly, get dried and prepare for plating.

The cleaned surface of the paint should be thoroughly dried.

When the paint surface is completely dry, take out the crystal coating bottle and put on the nozzle, spray the towel four or five times, wipe the crystal coating liquid evenly with the sprayed towel. Check whether the coating is even by observing the smoothness of the paint from a side.

Wipe the paint surface constantly with the towel and smear the crystal liquid evenly. It needs to wait at least 3 hours for the crystal liquid to completely solidify and dry after the even wiping. In order to show the crystallization effect, only the right side of the hood (with the towel on it) was plated, the left side was left for comparison.

After waiting for 24 hours, a simple waterproof test was carried out on the surface of the coated and non-coated sides. Sprinkle water on both sides. The left side is untreated , and the right side is plated.

The water on the left side is flaky and enormous.

The surface treated by crystal coating is completely different: a slight blow will drive away all the water drops.

The above comparison shows that the droplets on the coated surface are beaded rather than stretched. At the same time, it can be the significantly felt that the hardness of the paint surface has improved when touching and scratching by fingernail. The only problem is the impossibility to know whether the plating liquid is adequate and it is difficult to determine whether more plating liquid needs to be sprayed after even wiping. Perhaps this is a minor problem for most coating products, after all, manual work can only be judged by visual observation of the brightness of the paint surface.


This Baitu Guard vehicle crystal plating purchased from is not only simple and easy to use, but also of high cost-price ratio. For such a bottle of crystal plating solution, 4 nozzles were included, you can do at least four times plating. And every time the plating can be maintained for half a year up to 1 year, that is to say, the product can be used for at least 2 years. And at present, the crowdfunding price of this Baitu guard’s crystal liquid is only 89 yuan, which is equivalent to a box of ordinary solid wax, which is a rather economical.

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