DIY : GamBass — Building my own bass – Cláudio Gamboa – Medium

November 2014

Actually, I’m not a bass player, I tried a lot (not so much in the last two years), but I’m far from saying I play bass. At this time, I had an Epiphone Thunderbird, but I dreamed about having a Jazz Bass. A friend told me about a bass kit in, so, loving woodworking and DIY stuff, I decided to build my own. 
After two weeks with a lot of dust at home, a lot of varnish and diluent’s smell, here’s the process with some pictures:

One more thing was missing… the name/”brand”…

That time I was working at SAPO and asked for Luis Cavaco’s help, one of the best illustrators I’ve met, and this was his contribution. Thanks a lot Luis 😉

And to finish… a quick demo of me trying to play London Calling from The Clash.


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