DIY : For lease and for good – Tiberiu Szocs-Mihai – Medium

One day, while braving my way around auntie’s garden, I asked her how she coped with the hardships of life. She turned to me and the warmth of a smile settled in her eyes: “We’re just souls on lease”.

Time swooped by. As decades and moments of reflection started piling up, I took another bite on things past. Auntie’s words came back, and through the murkiness of adulthood their depth was revealed.

Her motto was about life. But not about its frailty. It was about a core belief that things go beyond the surface. That given a chance, life can instill purpose. One that outshines the chaos.

We scour our daily encounters and endeavors, seeking the glitter of order. But order comes not from calling the parts of a day hours. Or calling someone’s possessions or composure success.

It comes from humble acceptance. That we’re entrusted a finite speck of time-space. That there are scales beyond our mind’s reach. That there’s room for absurd and arbitrary.

Neither of these are meant to make us crawl back to our caves. Or cash things as fast as we can. There are rewards that are simply not ours to collect. And that’s entirely fine.

Rewards are lending a hand to those having less, perfecting oneself in order to make knowledge, technology, art and soul more in tune with a future deprived of gravity and bias.

Auntie was right. The story is not about us. But getting stuck in me-verses derails it. For more than just ourselves. That’s far than comfortable. Or ought to be …


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