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What if I tell you that you do not have to replace your entire carpet for a patch? With a carpet patch kit, some glue, and a star roller totalling $30 total, you can get the best carpet repair all by yourself. Here is what you can do to fix the carpet patch.

7 Simple Steps to Fix Carpet Patch Easily | DIY

Step 1: Identify Where The Damage

Wear a plastic glove to keep yourself from dirt and insect bites. Then run your hand over the carpet around the damaged section. With this note where do the fibers of the carpet point.

Step 2 Start To Extract

Now place the cutter (without blades) over the damaged area. After that, make almost three clockwise turns to push aside a ring of carpet fibers and then expose the backing. You got to repeat these steps, including the rubbing where you’ll be extracting the patch from.

Step 3 Arm Up

Screw on the cutter blades in step 3 this will make the cutter slice through the backing when turned clockwise. After that attach the pivot screw; that will project from the cutter as far as the blades do.

Step 4: Remove The Damaged Piece

Rotate the cutter three turns with pressure. Do not make too many turns or you will slice through the padding. Now, remove the damaged piece, then use the same method to cut out the replacement patch. Make an arrow on the back of the patch pointing to the direction you rubbed the fibers to make them stand up.

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