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Water leaks can be an absolute pain to deal with. Not to mention the cost of paying for water you’re not using or the cost of fixing it. Here are our tips!

First, find out if there is a leak in your piping. A quick check of the water meter can indicate whether there is a leak or not. Look at it and if the indicator is moving without any water running in the household then there is a leak in your piping.

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Additionally, when dealing with water leaks, you must first identify whether it is your own responsibility to fix the leak or whether the it is Watercare’s responsibility to fix the damage.

Is the leak occurring from within your home or on the public end of the water supply, such as on the road or footpath? If the leak is on your side of the supply point then it is your responsibility to remedy the problem. 
However, if the leak is occurring on the public side of the supply point then it is Watercare’s responsibility and should be quickly contacted so that they can fix it.

If the leak is occurring on your end, then the steps below should be very useful in patching and fixing the leak. This is assuming the leak is within reach and not in the piping within your walls or underground. In that case, call the pros!

  1. After identifying where the leak is occurring, shut off the water valve to this pipe..
  2. Turn on the faucets to drain the water left in this pipe.
  3. Wipe the pipe with a dry cloth/towel and allow the pipe to air dry before continuing to the next step.
  4. Using a putty knife, apply epoxy to the leaking area.
  5. Next cover the leak and epoxy with rubber and clamp it tight for an hour to let it set.
  6. Finally use some water resistant tape to cover the rubber seal, as this will offer more leak protection in the future.
  7. Turn on the water valve again and ensure that the leak has been properly sealed and covered.

All going to plan, these steps should have your water running as normal within no time. If you’re not confident with such DIY, here at Goodnest, we have fantastic pros who will help you out!


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